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Amazing Software for Your 2 in 1 Device

The 2 in 1 Device App Showcase brings you the most amazing software for your Intel-powered device. Now you don't have to sort through millions of apps to find the one you want. Here, you get great titles that run smoothly on your 2 in 1 device.

Apps at Your Fingertips

Browse the showcase wherever and whenever you want. Bookmark the site or download our app to access the showcase from your 2 in 1 device.

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Look through the 2 in 1 Device App Showcase and once you find a title you like, just select the active link. It will direct you to the website where you can purchase or download the app right to your device.

The Intel® Architecture

The revolutionary technology that drives some of the world's fastest computers is now fueling devices, from 2 in 1 devices to smartphones. With lightning fast processors, jaw dropping graphics and effortless multitasking, the only thing more amazing than our technology is what you'll do with it.