Ten Pin Bowling
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A 3D fantasy bowling game featuring dazzling bowling alleys inspired by musical genres and vivid animated bowlers.
It's a party, let the good times roll!
Dazzling graphics featuring colorful bowling alleys inspired by musical genres. Realistic and cartoon bowlers, each animated with unique expressions. Real-time 3D camera view and pin collisions.

Features :
* Easy, intuitive game controls with an aiming arrow that moves, turns, and hooks.
* Realistic pin collisions and believable physics simulation, pins don't just disappear.
* Realistic pin sweepers and lifters. Neighboring lanes with bowling action.
* Up to 6 stylish bowling clubs, each with a distinct atmosphere .
* 4 realistic and 4 cartoon bowlers to choose from
* Up to 4 simultaneous bowlers, play against your friends or the computer.
* First 3D mobile bowling game with animated characters and musical themes.
* Best Scores Table to keep track of champion bowlers.

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