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Everyone loves Photos.

Millions of Photos are added to Facebook every day. However there’s no easy way to ‘discover’ the latest Photos, nor any way to enjoy them uniquely.

Enter fYO PhotoFun Home Plus

This is an App that lets users create MAGIC with Photos.

1) Discover the latest Albums from Friends and Pages on ONE page.
2) Download entire Photo Albums with just ONE click.
3) Create remarkable Photo Collages.
4) Create wonderful Webpages.
5) Enjoy Photos as a 'Dancing' Slideshow.
6) Enjoy Photos as a Memory Game Puzzle.
7) Enjoy Photos as a Jigsaw Game Puzzle.
8) Enjoy Photos as a Slider Game Puzzle.

And yes, most of the above features are also available for Photos on the user’s local drives like hard disk, external disk, USB, and phone as well!

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