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Immerse yourself in Splice, a new puzzler from Cipher Prime.You'll find yourself creating life from nothingness—but to what end?Splice started as a mere experiment. We wondered: what does a binary tree look like in radial space? What different types of shapes can we use to represent this tree? How can we make a player stretch their awareness of these trees' shapes over a series of structural changes? Sounds a bit intense, huh? Well, it’s not. And you'll see that in the brain-tickling game you're about to play.You will be presented with a series of levels containing structures called "sequences." Your goal is to splice (and sometimes mutate) each sequence by rearranging its cells until it conforms to the target sequence. You will have a limited number of splices available to you. Every so often you may be able to find a more efficient "angelic" solution...The sequences in Splice conform and react to splices in a...

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