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GS Preschool Games is set of learning games for kids between2-6 years. It includes 11 thoughtfully designed fun games, containing very colorful and attractive images/sounds. Kids enjoy playing these games for hours without getting bored, and at the same time, learning skills which are carefully incorporated in the design of each game.

What makes this app special is the presence of different types of games at a single place, that are normally spread across in different apps.

Games Sections:

- Match the Shadows
- Jigsaw puzzles
- Spot the differences
- Count the objects
- Solve the maze
- Solve the memory games
- Find odd items
- Burst the balloons
- Scratch the pad to paint
- Compare the objects
- Play with shapes

In addition to each individual game section, there is a common 'playground' where kids are presented with a mix of games from all sections. If kid is interested in specific game, he/she can skip the ones he/she doesn't want to play. To keep kids challenged, points are awarded for each game stage completed. A scoreboard is maintained which kid can see after each game.
When kid scores enough points, he/she earns a sticker of his/her choice. He can store his stickers as well.

To made it further interesting and challenging new feature of Surprise quizzes and new scoreboard has been added in version4.0.

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Greyspings releases ads free version of GS Preschool Games

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