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An immersive virtual reality interactive user experience for all indoor cardio workouts. WebRacing products provides users of indoor rowers, cycles, elipticals, and treadmills (and all cardio equipment) the ability to simulate outdoor fitness activities in 3-D real-time virtual environments. It uses advanced interactive graphics to create an immersive virtual reality environment for both the avid and casual fitness enthusiasts. Continuous research and development has brought significant upgrades over the original software, enhancing both functionality, user interaction and your social network connections.
In the fitness club, corporate wellness centers, schools, hospitality and homes, WebRacing is the future of interactive motivation and fun for indoor cardio fitness.
Schools use this for group fitness classes (currently in 65 schools in US)

3 Ways to Enjoy WebRacing
SOLO WebRacing gives individual users motivating virtual training courses. In addition, virtual training partners (avatars) can quickly be created to challenge you during your workout.
NETWORK Two or more users can hop on a direct PC connection to create head-to-head competition. Up to 16 users on the same network can join in, too!
WebRacing is what we were ultimately created for: Using the internet to take participatory sports beyond the current constraints of time and space. Up to 16 users at a time.

New WebRacing® 2XF Features
Improved Graphics and Action
Enjoy a more realistic experience through enhanced digital graphics and audio (5X times
resolution over previous version).
Easier-to-Read Real-Time Data Display
Performance data displayed on screen is now semi-transparent, reducing visual distractions during training
Fitness Data Capture

Configurable Features
New options allow users to add drafting, crashing and other functional characteristics as well
as VOIP to create program realism.
Upgrade Existing Courses
All WebRacing® courses enhanced 2XF version through upgrade software.

More Configurable Features
More options for users including Voice Over Internet, Update utility to make sure you are running the latest software for your register product, and more.
NetAthlon 2XF Rowng courses:
Included in the package: Carnegie Lake, Salt River, and Oxford VS Cambridge course.
Features: NEW upgraded courses from NetAthlon 1.0.
All New 2XF courses with HD resolution and enhanced graphics.

WebRacing 2XF characters:
Support for customization of characters: WebRacing enables you to customize your characters.

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