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Arguably the world’s premier database covering the nutrient content of almost 8,000 food items is published by the US Dept. of Agriculture. This application places data from this powerful database at the disposal of users for analysis of the nutrient content of different food portions. A copy of all relevant data from this database is embedded into the application, so there is no need to connect to an external source. There are 146 nutrients listed for every food type. All the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, calories, protein, fiber, etc. are included. The user can enter meal portions, selecting ingredients from almost 8,000 food items, but the user can also create custom food entries to cover meal items not contained in the embedded data. Users use this application to calculate the nutritional content of that day’s meals and snacks, or the average values for any period of days and to print a full daily nutritional intake to discuss with his or her healthcare professional. The application also allows the user to enter and save the minimum, optimum and maximum tolerable daily intake of a 146 different nutrients. The application will then save these values and compare them to the average daily intake. It will warn the user if his or her daily intake of any nutrient is outside of the desirable range. This can be of value to any person who has the need to monitor his or her intake of specific items, for example sugar, protein, calories or any other nutrient

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