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Pulse Tone Generator is a high quality monophonic signal generator capable of generating tones between 20 & 20,000 Hz.

Easily set a frequency and choose between four (4) wave forms, two (2) types of standard noise or a signal sweep

A 7 octave touch piano style keyboard can also be used to quickly hear tones tuned to standard concert tuning (A4 = 440Hz). Perfect for instrument tuning or pitch practice.

App features

•Generates perfect Sine, Square, Triangle, SawTooth waves
•Specify frequencies with the sliders or use the 7 octave keyboard
•Signal sweep to 5,000 or 20,000Hz
•Ability to switch phase independently on the left and right channels
•Works in landscape, portrait or snapped
•High quality audio (44,100Hz, 32bit)

Available for Windows 8 Store and Windows 8 Desktop

Carefully designed to take advantage of touch and 2in1 devices

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